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How IT Managed Services Integrate With Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
By Simon Kadota

Maintaining secure IT infrastructure poses a significant challenge for businesses. This is where IT Managed Services come into the spotlight, offering a solution for organizations aiming to fortify and streamline their existing IT networks. But what exactly does this entail?

IT Managed Services are specialized third-party support designed to manage an array of technological needs. They allow businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their IT framework thrives. Key services include network management to ensure reliable connections, data security to protect valuable information against threats, and cloud services to offer scalable resources for growth.

Managed IT Services are crafted to seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure, providing a blend of reliability, innovation, and security. It is designed to maintain and enhance your IT ecosystem. Meaning you get peace of mind that comes with a powerful, efficient network.

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How IT Managed Services Integrate with Existing IT Infrastructure

Integrating IT Managed Services with your existing IT infrastructure involves a few critical steps designed to streamline and enhance your operations without causing disruption. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Initial Assessment: Understand the current state of your IT setup to identify how an MSP can best complement and augment it.
  • Strategic Planning: Craft a tailored plan that specifies which IT functions to outsource to an MSP and ensure these services align with your business goals.
  • Implementation: The MSP rolls out selected services such as cloud integration, network management, or cybersecurity measures and ensures compatibility with existing systems.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous monitoring and support deliver optimal performance and swift issue resolution according to predefined service levels.

MSPs are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of systems and software, reducing friction during integration. Across virtually every industry, from retail to finance and healthcare to mining, managed services can fit into diverse IT environments, enriching performance and security.

For a deeper dive into integrating IT MSP offerings with your business, consider reaching out to an IT MSP like us!  Let’s boost your IT infrastructure’s efficiency and reliability!

IT Managed Services VS In-House IT Solutions (Side by Side Comparison)

Initial CostsPotentially lower initial costs since infrastructure and staff are already in place. May not require significant upfront investment besides setup and onboarding fees.  Requires investment in infrastructure, recruitment costs, salaries, and benefits. Initial setup costs can be high due to the need for physical infrastructure and manpower.  
Maintenance CostsMonthly or annual fees typically cover maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Costs can be more predictable and often lower compared to constantly upgrading and training in-house staff.Continuous costs include salaries, benefits, ongoing training, and upgrading equipment and software. Businesses bear the full cost of maintaining and updating equipment and technology.
Resource AllocationOffers access to a broader range of expertise and resources. MSPs can provide a team of specialists that may be too expensive to maintain in-house. However, they may not have the same level of company-specific knowledge as an internal team.Allows direct control over IT staff and resources. Businesses can decide the size of the IT team and manage them according to internal policies and culture. However, there may be limitations in expertise and resource availability.
Scalability & FlexibilityEasily scalable according to business needs, with the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and services. Offers greater flexibility in managing increased workloads or implementing new technologies without significant delays.Scaling up may require significant time and investment in recruiting and training new staff, and in upgrading infrastructure. Flexibility can be limited by the in-house team’s current technology and skills.
Risk Management & SecurityTypically employs a proactive approach to risk management and security, constantly updating and implementing the latest security measures. Access to wider expertise and tools enhances security measures but might lack the immediate physical presence that in-house teams provide during a crisis.May have more knowledge of the company’s specific risks and infrastructure, allowing for a more tailored proactive security stance. However, their ability to respond to and manage new, unforeseen threats can be limited by their current knowledge and resources.

Choosing between MSPs and In-House IT depends on the company’s specific needs, goals, and existing infrastructure. While MSPs offer cost efficiency, scalability, and access to a broad skill set, In-House IT solutions provide direct control, potentially faster on-site response times, and a deeper integration with the company’s culture and specific requirements. Take a look at Clutch’s article on When to Hire an Inhouse IT VS. Managed Service Provider (MSP) for more in-depth insights.

Explore Case Studies on IT Managed Services

Welcome to our dedicated section of case studies, where we dive deep into real-life scenarios showcasing the transformative power of IT Managed Services. By exploring our detailed accounts, you will discover:

  • Challenges Faced Before Adoption: Learn about the common hurdles our clients experienced with their traditional IT setups, including inefficiencies and high operational costs.
  • Steps Taken During the Transition: Understand the strategic approaches we implemented to ensure a smooth transition from in-house IT systems to comprehensive managed services.

Achievements and Benefits:

  • Reduction in Downtime: Our clients have experienced significant decreases in system downtime, which has led to uninterrupted business operations and increased productivity.
  • Lowered Personnel Costs: By outsourcing IT needs, our clients reduce the expenses associated with hiring, training, and maintaining in-house IT staff.
  • Efficient Use of Resources: Managed services have helped clients optimize resource allocation, focusing their internal assets on core business functions.
  • Long-term Financial Benefits: Apart from immediate cost savings, our case studies illustrate sustained financial improvements through strategic IT investments and efficiencies.

Discover more about how our clients transformed their IT infrastructure, gained impressive savings, and positioned their businesses for success in the digital era. Delve into our case studies to see real-world examples of how moving to managed IT services can lead to substantial cost benefits and elevated operational efficacy.

Explore Our Managed IT Case Studies

To demonstrate the benefits of IT Managed Services, our case studies offer a glimpse into the experiences of clients before and after using our services. These success stories detail the challenges they faced and the transition process and highlight the following outcomes:

  • Downtime Reduction: Real-life examples of businesses achieving more reliable operations.
  • Personnel Cost Savings: Insights into how managed services can alleviate the financial strain of in-house IT departments.
  • Resource Efficiency: The shift to managed services facilitates a sharper focus on core business functions.
  • Long-Term Financial Rewards: The strategic benefits that compound over time through managed IT solutions.

Read our case studies to get a comprehensive understanding of what IT Managed Services can do for your business:

Explore Our Managed IT Case Studies

Client Testimonials: Real-World Benefits of IT Managed Services

Hearing from past clients can offer the most valuable insights. That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of testimonials directly from our clients. These accounts provide a clear perspective on the very real benefits they’ve experienced since partnering with us for IT Managed Services. From overcoming initial technical challenges to enjoying streamlined operations and reduced costs, our clients’ stories stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Discover for yourself how our IT Managed Services can make a difference to your business:

Since 2006, DNSnetworks has helped ICSS (Innovative Community Support Services), based in Eastern Ontario, with all its IT infrastructure and IT service requirements. Their team of experts continues to be instrumental in providing timely support and guidance that has allowed ICSS to support hundreds of adults in our community.


DNSnetworks Corporation’s reliable, top-notch IT support allows the client to spend more time focusing on their customers’ needs. The team is excellent at prioritizing tasks, handling issues, and communicating with the client.


DNSnetworks has truly been a game-changer for our company’s IT landscape. With their innovative solutions and dedicated team, they have not only optimized our systems but also provided us exceptional customer support, making them the go-to choice for organizations looking to enhance their IT capabilities.


We have turned $0 a month in sales online to over $15,000 a month in just 1 year of working with DNSnetworks. It was nice to work with a company that listens to your needs and wishes rather than tell you what you need.


Ready to see how IT Managed Services can revolutionize your operations?

Embracing IT Managed Services is about more than simplifying technology management. It is a strategic investment in the future of your business.

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