Our team of cybersecurity experts employ sophisticated threat analytics and expertise.

This results in uncovering cyber vulnerabilities that could result in a loss of of critical information, data breaches, breach of customer privacy and business disruptions.

Cybersecurity Specialist smiling and mitigating threats

Specializing in protecting against the latest cyber threats and data breaches.

Our cybersecurity services are designed to help your business reduce its cyber risks, enhance your security posture, and help meet regulatory requirements by proactively managing and mitigating cyber threats that target your organization’s systems.

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions globally.

Threat Detection & Response

Threat Detection & Response

Understand threats at every stage of your organization, respond to incidents and make changes to mitigate risk. Our purpose-built security operations center (SOC) is in Ottawa and helps protect your business from the latest and most complex cyber threats by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our consulting services include advisory and strategic planning, development, testing and review of technical solutions. Let us help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements faster and discover how you can align cyber risks to business objectives.

data security

Data Security

Ensure that you are compliant with the latest data security standards and regulations. Stop worrying about data leakage and vulnerabilities in your network. Protect your business from the next wave of cyber threats and eliminate your cyber vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity experts providing endpoint security.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security protects your personal and business data, as well as your devices. DNSnetworks’ Endpoint Security allows you to enhance the overall cyber security of your company’s IT infrastructure by strengthening the connections between your endpoint devices and servers.

By monitoring and managing all activities on a network and its’ endpoint devices, you can be certain that your information is protected from targeted attacks and other attempts at breaching security.

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Cyber threat intelligence data analysis

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence provides a holistic view of cyber threats, including their impact and chance of occurrence.

Our AI-driven cyber security platform uncovers cyber threats by analyzing behavioral patterns in real-time. By leveraging the latest cyber threat intelligence, tools, and a team of cyber security professionals, we can mitigate cyberattacks and protect your organization from attacks on your infrastructure.

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Systems administrator updating a firewall.

Firewall Management

Firewall management and control tools are fundamental to the security of any network. Leverage our skilled staff to help assess and protect your organization with our secure, reliable, and managed firewall services. When you encounter a new, unexpected cyber threat, your firewall is your first line of defense for your IT network.

A managed firewall is a critical part of your overall security strategy. It helps ensure that only authorized users have access to the network and protects against unauthorized access attempts.

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Cloud security services to keep your data safe.

Cloud Security

Our experienced security engineers are experts in cloud security. We provide robust and scalable cloud solutions that are suitable for your business needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best- Growing your business.

With security for the cloud, you can make sure your data is safely backed up and protected in case of a disaster. Your business’s sensitive information will be encrypted and kept safe, so you can bring it back up and start working as soon as possible.

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Advanced biometric authentication.

Managed Identity Service

Identity is the foundation of most cyber security incidents, and our managed identity services help protect your business. Close to half of cyber breaches involve weak or stolen credentials, so it’s more critical than ever to guard against hackers who are trying to exploit information you hold valuable like usernames, passwords, and personal information. Tight controls and automated enforcement that ensures you have the best possible protection. Protect your workforce with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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Network Operations Center systems administrator

Network Operations Center

We are a Canada-wide network operations center based in Ottawa, dedicated to servicing businesses and supporting communities across Canada with cybersecurity services. We provide cybersecurity and operational support to private and public sector companies, institutions, and government agencies. Our NOC is central to keeping your business connected and reliable. We protect your information, make sure you stay on top of potential cyber threats and ensure your systems are hardened against attacks.

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Cybersecurity analysts looking for vulnerabilities and mitigating threats.

Cyber Security Assessments

Our cybersecurity experts help our clients discover any weaknesses in their networks and provide actionable strategies to improve their security posture. We also monitor their security status moving forward.

The goal of a cybersecurity assessment is to make sure that your business is not only compliant with regulations but also safe from the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We will review your current network security, identify any weaknesses, and recommend solutions for improvement. This includes everything from patching up outdated software to training employees on best practices for managing passwords.

Cybersecurity analysts taking a look at a dashboard

Post Breach Remediation Services

Get comprehensive assistance in the wake of a cybersecurity incident. We offer cyber incident data recovery, tailored cybersecurity consulting, thorough investigation of the breach, and strategic guidance based on the assessment of your cybersecurity posture and defenses.

Our team doesn’t just provide insights but also ensures the efficient implementation of our recommendations. You can count on us for all necessary support to navigate and recover from a cyberattack.

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