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With over 20 years of experience, MSI Corp is an expert in software development, big data, and analytics. A long-standing partner of Bell Canada, it focuses on building data intelligence applications. MSI Corp’s growth in both size and reputation is impressive, with over 1500 professionals and management of critical segments of Bell Canada’s Ottawa-based call center operations. The company sets itself apart with in-depth enterprise software engineering experience and robust business skills, making it a vital vendor for big names like Bell Canada in sectors it has dominated for over a quarter of a century.

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Managed Infrastructure, Business Continuity, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Networking, Fully Managed IT, Managed Enterprise Networks, Remote & Onsite Support

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MSI has been a loyal client of DNSnetworks since 2006. In 2010, we encountered a significant challenge when tasked with architecting the entire core operating infrastructure for their direct customer, Bell Canada. This project demanded strict deadlines, enhanced security requirements, high-availability services, and 24/7 support for all critical infrastructure, and it necessitated leveraging a hybrid private cloud environment operated by DNSnetworks Datacenter services.

The project involved:

  • Over 1000 workstations
  • Over 50 Virtual Machines
  • An Enterprise SAN
  • Wired and wireless secure access network
  • Multi-WAN services
  • Hybrid Cloud connectivity and more

This challenge had considerable implications for the compan's operations, goals, and customers. Our determination to build a long-lasting relationship, uphold transparency and honesty in service delivery, and maintain constant communication throughout the project enabled us to satisfy the client's objectives and keep Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all Bell Canada customers.

Several key factors contributed to this challenging project:

  • Expertise in virtualization technology.
  • Ambition and drive to learn and grow with an experienced partner to provide exceptional service to Bell Canada.
  • Proficiency in large enterprise networks.
  • Meticulous planning around infrastructure architecture that requires mixed-use public-facing systems.
  • Emphasis on security to ensure information remains secure, monitored, and protected.

As this was a new solutions build, the project represented a brand-new challenge for both MSI and Bell Canada, addressed with invaluable aid from DNSnetworks.

The primary objectives for tackling this challenge included building, maintaining, and ensuring the security of a fully resilient, scalable, and secure call center for Bell Canada and its customers.


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The initial scope of DNSnetworks's involvement was met as per the project schedule. However, a curveball was thrown our way through the accumulation of several additional tasks throughout the project's lifecycle. Living up to our reputation, we executed these extemporaneous assignments successfully without derailing the completion of the initial project tasks. Our Pro Services team demonstrated exceptional service delivery, continuing to be assigned projects 10+ years down the line.

The bond that DNS has solidified with MSI over a span of 15+ years stands as robust evidence of our successful collaboration. Aided by such steadfast partnerships, DNS has managed to sustain an impressive growth trajectory, expanding by over 20% year upon year.

From this project, the valuable insights we've gleaned are grounded in the virtues of honesty, transparency, and sheer hard work. We believe these are the key elements in cultivating and nurturing long-lasting business bonds, much like the one we proudly share with MSI Corp.

The success of this project and the enduring relationship with MSI has significantly influenced DNSnetworks's future strategies and plans. These experiences served as both a cornerstone of our success and a strong foundation for our organization's development. Our team has also reaped the benefits of these projects through exposure to a plethora of technical skill sets in advanced troubleshooting, network security, and enterprise hardware architecture. Above all, it cemented DNSnetworks's reputation for providing enterprise infrastructure management for medium to large corporations—an invaluable asset in our future planning and strategic forecasting.

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