Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS) is a non-profit charitable entity dedicated to crafting and supplying individuals and families with creative, top-notch, and locality-centered programs and services. These are designed to foster a deep sense of wellbeing. Their aim is to positively impact a culturally varied community. Predominantly serving East Ottawa, ICSS presently manages several communal residences, providing support for adults enduring developmental disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Services Provided

Fully Managed IT, Remote & On-Site Support, Networking, IT Budgeting, Managed Infrastructure


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ICSS, a medium-sized company with a workforce ranging from 175 to 260 people, faced significant challenges in managing daily IT-related issues. The burden often fell onto employees with enough technical skills to assist their co-workers. However, this approach not only distracted these tech-savvy staff from their primary responsibilities but also delayed their job-related deliverables.

Hiring qualified technical resources to manage their IT needs was projected to lead to an approximate financial burden of $300,000 annually. This accounted for the salaries, benefits, leave, and standard sick days of two highly skilled IT technicians.

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Since 2006, ICSS decided to seek the assistance of Managed IT services to alleviate the financial burden and to partner with a company that solely focuses on IT support. Teaming up with DNSnetworks offered the added advantage of accessing a collective knowledge base with diverse IT skill sets such as server and desktop management, network management, cyber threat preparedness, IT budgeting, among others.

With this partnership, ICSS employees could focus exclusively on their core competencies and better serve their clients promptly. When technical support is needed, the employees are now familiar with a consistent process that leads to the swift resolution of their problems. A contrast from the past when they had to rely on their technically skilled colleagues for help and hope they had the time and proficiency to assist.

The decision to hire DNSnetworks has significantly contributed to ICSS's growth- expanding from a 30-person company in 2006 to a 260-person company in 2021. This success is owing to the shift in focus to their core business operations.

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