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Gincor Werx is a leading vocational vehicle manufacturer with over 40 years of experience and a focus on quality, innovation, and customer needs. The company has grown over the years and now has seven facilities offering a total of 378,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employing over 250 professionals.

The company’s product range caters to different sectors, including dump bodies, work-ready trucks, snow and ice equipment, flat decks, van bodies, and heavy haul float trailers. What sets them apart from competitors is their excellent customer service and the largest portfolio of products and services in the industry.

With a strong track record, more than 250 employees, and 9 locations across Ontario, Gincor WERX continues to be a dominant player in the custom manufacturing of vocational vehicles.

Services Provided

Fully Managed IT, Managed Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Networking, Remote & On-Site Support


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Before engaging with our team, Gincor faced a substantial challenge with its IT operations: the lack of documentation provided by their existing IT vendor. The process of asset discovery was sprawling, spanning several geographical locations over many weeks, including Mattawa, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and North Bay. Our field services team initiated an in-depth exploration of all components of Gincor's IT infrastructure across these locations. This task involved:

  • Over 200 workstations
  • Over 15 Virtual Machines
  • Over 5 Physical Servers
  • 60+ Wired & Wireless devices
  • Multi-WAN services + MPLS
  • Hybrid Cloud connectivity and more

The company's old IT system was insufficient and caused issues in operations and customer service. This made changing IT vendors necessary. Gincor went from one IT contractor to a full helpdesk, which reacted to IT problems on the same day. The new system actively monitored the ERP system, managed vendor support, conducted regular visits, and provided quick tech help. This improved IT support had a clear positive impact on the growing company, meeting increasing customer expectations.

Several factors contributed to these issues, including staff at different locations, the need for a clear change management process and service level agreement, necessary expertise in infrastructure management, and a reliable IT helpdesk for basic user requests.

DNSnetworks was brought in to help provide constant monitoring, offer guidance without documentation, and keep service uptime while the company was growing and constantly acquiring new tech.

The goal was not just to solve the issue, but also to use it as a chance for growth. To meet the client's demand for same-day responses, we improved our service processes. After automating some of the infrastructure repair tasks, we were able to better meet the client's needs. Our dev team handled these tasks, watching for issues, triggering repairs, and informing our level 2 technicians. This was a big challenge, but Gincor's trust in us made us stronger as an IT service provider.

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Our complete IT solution greatly improved Gincor's operations. It boosted customer experience, reduced on-site visits through automated tasks, and improved our documentation templates for businesses with several branches. Even though the project goals shifted reflecting Gincor's constant growth and acquisitions, it tested our team's ability to prioritize, learn new tech, and better their troubleshooting skills, particularly helping the development of our junior staff.

The project improved backup and recovery solutions, cut both short and long-term costs, lessened the need for buying new equipment, and led to the consolidation of technology services - cutting operating costs and future hardware replacement needs.

The project taught us many lessons. We learned that managing remote areas requires proper documentation, virtual remote infrastructure, business plans, and annual security checks. It confirmed the need for regular digital transformation to ensure smooth system access and functionality.

This project's success greatly impacted our future plans, emphasizing the value of regular communication, feedback, setting expectations, and updated tech procedures, especially regarding remote infrastructure and acquisitions. As a result, we've built a solid foundation for future projects and strategies.

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