Plugability provides property management, developers, and builders with intuitive EV charging software to simplify the management of EV charging stations. With a particular focus on condo developments, multi-tenant buildings, Greenfield projects, and other commercial properties. Plugability also caters to businesses with a fleet of EV vehicles.

Services Provided

Branding, Web Design & Development, Sales Material

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The challenge was to create a comprehensive solution for Plugability, which included web design & development, branding & logo design, and app design & development. The app needed a range of features to ensure seamless management of EV charging stations and integration with various building systems and national policies.

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To provide a comprehensive solution for Plugability, the team focused on three main areas: web design & development, branding/logo design, and app design & development. The DNS team carefully planned and executed each aspect to ensure a seamless and effective solution for managing EV charging stations.

Web Design & Development

The team created an aesthetically attractive, responsive, and user-friendly website that showcases Plugability’s services and features.

Branding/Logo Design

DNSnetworks developed unique and memorable branding and logo design to establish Plugability as a recognizable and trusted EV charging management solutions provider.

App Design & Development

The team developed a feature-rich and user-friendly app to simplify the management of EV charging stations for Plugability’s clients. The app was designed with a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use for property managers and other stakeholders. The DNS Design & Development Team incorporated the following features into the app to address various challenges and requirements in managing EV charging stations:

  • Dynamic load management
  • Vehicle to the grid
  • In-suite software integration
  • Integration of base building + IoT
  • Remote API access
  • Smart building & security integration
  • Vehicle detection Advanced analytics
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As a result of the successful collaboration, Plugability now has a comprehensive and robust solution that enables them to manage EV charging stations across various properties effectively. The app’s features allow for seamless integration with existing building systems and compliance with national policies, ensuring a smooth experience for property managers and EV users. With its strong branding and website design, Plugability is well-positioned to impact the growing EV charging management solutions market significantly.

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Empower our clients with cutting-edge building technology and structured cabling solutions that drive business success and improve lives.

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