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Nuagesight is a top-rated IT and structured cabling service provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are specialized in providing managed IT services, network cabling to automation, and state-of-the-art physical security solutions to clients across North America. They emphasize providing their clients with a tailored solution for their business needs.

Services Provided

Branding, Web Design & Development, SEO, Social Media

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Nuagesight reached out to us initially for web redesign and web development services. They had a website over ten years old and were interested in giving it a new, modern, and intuitive website more appropriate for our digital era.

In addition to updating their website, they also reached out for assistance with their social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

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Nuagesight provided us with their old website to use as a reference. We then leveraged this website to redesign and develop a brand-new site with an improved, more user-friendly and intuitive design. The new content better displays what the client does, and the website provides users with a quick overview and highlights their projects for people to refer to before reaching out for more information. The client also loved that DNSnetworks offers website maintenance and hosting services.

DNSnetworks also provided Nuagesight with social media management and SEO services. The social media strategy aligned with the new brand guidelines to make all channels consistent. Social media platforms managed by us include LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. DNS also provided technical and on-page SEO services to help Nuagesight maintain a healthy website.

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Rear view of the design of Nuagesight’s company van


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Nuagesight received incredible results after working with DNS on their website, received impressive external feedback, and saw a growth in followers across their social media platforms.

They were particularly impressed with our highly responsive customer service and considered it some of the best they have ever experienced.

Several of their clients were impressed with the results and performance, leading to referrals for DNSnetworks. Furthermore, the client's social media following has grown, and they are confident that the numbers will continue to increase as SEO improves. Nuagesight was completely satisfied with the services provided by DNS!

Mission Statement 

Offer affordable, secure, and intelligent EV charging station management solutions for multi-unit buildings, offices, homes, landlords, developers and governments.

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