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work is more than a job – itʼs about being part of a greater change.

DNSnetworks’ greatest benefit is the culture in which our people are instilled with. We believe that progress is made through strategic innovative thinking, conscious leadership, and continuous transparency within the management and their teams. For that reason, we continue to break down limitations that others fear as impossible, while being valued by forward-thinking clients, employees, communities, investors and the general public worldwide.

SECURING your infrastructure, & your business.

DNSnetworks provides IT services to businesses in Canada, US and Mexico, while based out of Ottawa, Canada. Our staff has over 20 years of experience providing information technology services to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in network engineering, technical support, security, and most importantly, customer service. Our company builds lasting relationships by making businesses work better.

By outsourcing the management, maintenance, and support of your business IT to DNSnetworks, you can finally take the stress out of using the technology your business counts on every day. With a customized IT solution from our team of experts, you’ll finally begin to think of your technology as a strategic investment, rather than a constant drain on your time and resources.

Some of the

Features & Benefits

of partnering DNSnetworks:

Comprehensive Technical Support

Our Team is available regardless of the level of complexity.

Product Discounts

Our long-standing relationships and volume licensing agreements mean you save on many aspects of your IT.

Increased Efficiency

With access to both onsite and remote support, our level of response time is next to none.

Proactive Technologies

Our behavioral analytics and prevention monitoring allow our team to stay abreast of issues before they arise.

Our Managed Service Plans can be fully customized and are structured in a way to provide the utmost security, efficiency, resiliency, and cost effective.

Take YOUR BUSINESS to the next level with IT SERVICES & SUPPORT from DNSnetworks