Investing in a Technology Company with a Diverse Market and Steady Growth



Survival is adapting to change.

Success is embracing it.


Worldwide IT spending is expected to increase 4% annually through 2022, and a great way to invest alongside this growth without taking direct technology risk is to invest in Managed Service Providers. Since 2017, DNSnetworks has a proven 20% revenue growth year over year, proving that we are making the right decisions when it comes to investments, and business development strategies.

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Higher Value-Added Service Offering 

Being that we as a company manage, own and support all our own services, as well as innovate proprietary applications, our gross margins are in excess of 30-40%.

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High Client Retention

One of the benefits in the MSP space is the tendency for service providers to retain clients. In addition, DNSnetworks clients are lifelong business partners in most cases. We estimate around 90% of our customers have been with us since their onboarding process.

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End Market Diversity 

Technology is part of all industries, and the need for a technology partner to support it is also recognized as a need. The beauty of MSPs is that we are considered an essential service, therefore our target market is not focused on just one. Investors will find MSPs more attractive due to the healthy mix of industries served, allow for great growth potential.

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Strong Recurring Revenue Profile

MSPs in general have one of the most tangible benefit being that they can capture more recurring revenue over any other industry. Investors will be very interested to know that more than 40% of our revenue is collected from recurring services.

Length of deals and contracts

Longer Contract Terms 

For the same reasons that investors like recurring revenues, there also like contracts. These are common in the MSP industry as they in stow confidence in the business relationship. We estimate around 60% of our revenue is secured through contracts over 1-2 years in length.

Client Testimonials


The biggest benefit is the speed of response and the remote connection to employees pc to repair the problem, no wait time for technician to come in to office as most repairs are done remotely.

- Philippe Courchesne
Archdiocese of Ottawa

The single biggest benefit of moving to DNS is their Availability – never have to wait long to get issues resolved! Love their system of helpdesk!

- Cathy Stone
Canadian Parents for French

The single biggest benefit of moving to DNS is Fast and reliable service, questions are always answered within less than 24h – I’ve only ever had to wait a couple of minutes, to be honest!

- Lea Albrecht
Grain Growers of Canada



The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to DNSnetworks as new disruptive technologies emerge and the number of competitors increases, staying ahead of the curve is an exciting challenge. As a service-oriented business, we can also recognize opportunities where those might not. The top 4 differentiators between us and our competition are as follows:

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Learn about your people and get them to take time to learn about you. This can be achieved through social events, frank conversations, team workshops, and simply being transparent on all aspects in a decision-making process

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Diversify, Analyze, Diversify

Never limit your business to a target industry without continuously innovating. It’s imperative that your business keeps changing, and if needed, bring in more talent to help analyze your business, products and services. No matter which position, role and or responsibility you have in the business, we all need to be challenged, accountable and most importantly, be changing. If you want something you never had…do something you have never done!

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Take calculated risks

Some people are risk-averse, and others are risk-takers. Not everyone is capable to be a Leader, let alone a manager. However, leaders who want to achieve success understand that taking risk is an essential part of that result. Leaders must discover their “risk tolerance”, which can become uncomfortable and should be weighed without emotion, thus becoming a calculated risk. DNSnetworks follows an idea meritocracy business type environment, which the best idea wins. This best idea is determined by the quantity and quality of the data, not by positional power.

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The Talent Within

Our goal when searching for talented individuals is to put the right people in the right design. Look for those that ‘sparkle’, not just another one to fill a position. The difference between them should be remarkably huge, which is why we interview first on personality traits over skillset. Skills can be taught; personalities are ingrained as a child and are harder to re-program. Hiring managers need to be more connected to their inner voice, with a conscious mindset to listen to the signs that direct you from the right and the wrong. Find your clicks!

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As DNSnetworks relentlessly accelerates the pace of change, we must continue to leverage every opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Automation is the way of the present as well as the future.

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