Fed Gov

Cloud Computing
Unparalleled Security and breakthrough innovation for Canadian government agencies and their partners.
  • Get increased security, AI intelligence, ad compliance
  • Colocate your servers to Protected B – Canadian Gov Facilities
  • Access to private cloud workloads with Government compliance
  • Gain skilled assets and cost savings across your technology solutions

Government of Canada

Trusted Partner
DNSnetworks cloud supports the Canadian Government standards and regulations to help agencies move their workloads to the cloud with confidence. Secured by threat intelligence and reactive response agents, our cloud provides the visibility and control across the entire infrastructure.

Canadian Cyber

Threat Exchange

As a member of CCTX, we believe in the collaboration and sharing of cyber intelligence in order to enrich, analyze and get up to date threat information across all business sectors.
Elevated Security
Artificial Intelligence
Augmenting government security is our utmost importance, and in order to achieve this we require advanced security intelligence. DNSnetworks has partnered with both DarkTrace (an AI intelligence immune system platform) and SentinelOne (Microsoft’s latest AI threat detection endpoint) in order to bring both aspects of infrastructure security under one managed ecosystem.
Self-Learning Cyber AI network intelligence platform that protects our datacenters and our cloud customers from unpredictable threats.
Next-Gen Endpoint protection protecting our client servers againsts all threat vectors.

Protected B+

Controlled Goods Assessed
As a federal government of Canada assessed IT service provider, DNSnetworks possess the level of security safeguards required to protect, house and manage sensitive information, assets and work/office environments.
DNSnetworks is classified and abides by the Protected B security level that applied to information or assets that if compromised, could cause serious injury to an individual, organization or government.