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By 2025, organizations will have significant pressure to be financially nimble, lead the people and standardize operations, consumerize service experiences and cut costs. Service delivery automation will be a stepping stone to profound organizational transformation a transformation led by managed service providers.

Success-Focused Approach

Proven methodology includes assessment, planning, design and implementation


Industry accreditations from Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cisco, Comptia, Fortinet, VMware, ISO 9001.


Cybersecurity, Servers, Storage, cloud, networking, applications, and more

Packaged Services

Outcome based cost-effective consulting packages.


Enterprise-level IT Service Management

Outsourcing infrastructure design and support to DNSnetworks allows us to focus resources on innovation and value for our customers. Being in the weeds takes us away from our goals of growing our business and less on the hardware and infrastructure around it. DNSnetworks has helped bring that balance for over 10+ years and continues to be an intricate part of our business model.

Our Key Pro Services to help your business digital transformation journey

We recognize that every business is different, our approach focuses not just on the technology itself, but also on the business goals. This allows us to build a strategy that provides a balance between cost, innovation and future requirements.

Cloud Advisory Services

Challenge: Many businesses struggle with the development of a cloud migration plan due to lack of internal skillset. The DNS cloud advisory services will strategize with your local team to understand your business goals, assess your workloads, and document a cloud readiness deployment plan for a successful transition to the private or public cloud.

Solution: Our cloud advisory services from a series of tested blueprints to cloud deployments will transform your existing service delivery model therefore improving your business inmany aspects.

Cybersecurity Services

Challenge: The entire global workforce has been shifted to adopt a new way of operating a business, while governments around the world are recommending people work from home. Having to setup large number of employees to work from home increases the risk to cyber threats, more data privacy concerns, and corporate devices being accessed from any network location.

Solution: The DNS cybersecurity services team aka Geocypher Team, has prepared a cyber risk assessment checklist that business can lean on to assess their own cybersecurity risk levels. The Geocypher cybersecurity awareness training is also available for maintaining

Hybrid IT Consulting

Challenge: As businesses continuously thrive to improve their service delivery model and leveraging hybrid IT consulting can strengthen a business's posture. Offering specialized skilled resources to fulfill certain projects while also being leveraged as a Tier 2 technical support arm is beneficial in ways that allows your organization to focus on its goals and less on the technology behind it.

Solution: The DNS Hybrid IT pro services team will provide a full assessment of the project scope and set deliverables. Recommendations will be provided, backed by two decades of IT architecture design experience in data centers, network, and applications. Our team can implement data center projects faster and ensure its data security.

Data Protection Consulting

Challenge: Businesses data is at the core of nearly all decisions made. Therefore, its protection is even more crucial. DNSnetworks follows Canada’s PIPEDA, which protects personal data collected and housed on infrastructure in which we own or manage. This act and its principles are also found in the EU GDPR.

Solution: Our data protection consulting services include a wide range of data assessments that help you understand the risks, impacts are to your business and provide recommendations on the most optimal backup, archiving, and other business continuity solutions available to ensure the protection of your business assets. Our goal is for the business to be provided a view of all its potentials risks to avoid financial loss and minimize its risk tolerance. and ways to take preventative action when exposed to risks in your work environment. The Geocypher team provides ongoing managed security services to ensure and maintain cybersecurity controls throughout your business.

Telecommunication Consulting

Challenge: With covid-19 quickly setting the new norm in the workplace, businesses are now faced with a new way to communicate and collaborate. This challenge has heavily impacted the way businesses currently had their telecommunication solutions implemented, some being decades ago. The telco industry did not have a readiness plan to execute on this global outbreak. Security also being a concern, as these systems were being deployed with no proper planning or implementation.

Solution: The VoIPstratus telecommunication consulting team provides end-to-end secured voip communication for business and has automated the onboarding procedure to allow for smooth transitions. Our partnership with Microsoft provides a seamless integration between collaboration tools and voice communication.


Now the next step is getting there. Here are our cloud solutions available to secure your business into the future.


Fed Gov Cloud

An unparalleled security cloud offering for government data housing. This solution provides Canadian and EU government standards for ongoing workloads secured by threat intelligence and reactive response procedures.

Backups and BCP

The data protection solutions that work both in the cloud and on-premise to provide the security and recovery of your business data. Eliminate the gaps in your business continuity strategy with one solution.

Datacenter Services

Offering high availability in providing world-class interconnectivity, colocation services and data housing. Certifications in ISO, PCI, SOC, and more.

Threat DR Services

Offering high availability in providing world-class interconnectivity, colocation services and data housing. Certifications in ISO, PCI, SOC, and more.


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