Solutions for Hospitality

VoIP PBX Phone System for Hospitality Sector:


Businesses in the hospitality sector, such as hotels, motels, spas and resorts, can now improve their bottom line by upgrading their hotel phone system to a cost-effective IP-PBX. Not only does the transition to an IP-PBX save on inter-company communications but it also improves efficiencies by integrating with the business’ data network. The Complete Concierge solution, comprised of either on-site or remote PBX, can utilize the hotel’s existing PMS (Property Management System), and leverage existing infrastructure (cabling and analog phone sets).

Integration with PMS

Wake-up (can be set by hotel staff or by guests)
Browser-based operator panel
Front desk check-in/check-out
Guest name applied to room upon check-in

Vacant applied to room as a result of check-out
Activation of phones for calls at guest check-in
Deactivation of phones for calls at guest check-out
Activation of guest voicemail box upon check-in

Cleaning of all voice messages in guest voicemail box upon check-out
Built-in room state system for control of room status and maids
Built-in and fully integrated Call Accounting System with adjustable rate tables



phone system VoIP

phone system VoIP IP-PBX, hospitality

phone system VoIP PBX IP-PBX, hospitality

Call Flow Management

You can create custom phone designs or,
instead, have us create them for you.
From the simple menu to advanced payment systems.

Standby Licensing

VoIPStratus uses an active-passive approach using built-in replication of the configuration with a maximum offset of 24h. As a result, the active host processes calls and presence information whereby the passive host acts like a watchdog over the active host. In case of a failure, the active host (independent of application, OS or hardware failure), the passive host stops its monitoring role and takes over the role as active host.

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