Managed IT Services for Government

 Managed IT Services to Support the Delivery of Secure Government Services

To get the most value out of your government IT investment, you need to continually optimize it. That is to say, most IT teams spend the bulk of their time managing vendors and daily operations. We’re here to bridge that gap. With nearly two decades of experience helping federal agencies, our team of certified professionals will perform all the essential tasks that your team can’t. They’ll focus on providing reliable uptime so you can focus on delivering quality service to the public sector. Layer our managed services on top of our authorized private cloud platform, a public cloud solution such as DNSnetworks, or a custom hybrid configuration. We back all of our managed services with deep expertise and the dedication that’s at the core of everything we do. We are available 24x7x365 by phone, email and chat.

DNSnetworks Can Help

Government IT Flexible Changes

Flexible Changes

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to the cloud. In short, we’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and customize a solution to meet your requirements for delivering quality service to government agencies.

Government IT Flexible Changes, IT support

Secure Solutions

We take security seriously. We implement and administer security controls based on compliance guidelines, and specialize in deploying high-security and high-performance solutions.

Government IT Flexible Changes, IT support

24x7x365 Support

Receive advice and support in every stage of the process. We have experts available at all times to help you be successful.

Managed Services for Government

Security Services

Select the additional security services you need and get the most value from your government cloud solution. Additional security services include encrypted storage, continuous monitoring, vulnerability scanning and network intrusion detection.

Managed Infrastructure

DNSnetworks will fully manage your hardware, software and virtual environments for optimal performance, including load balancing, access, image and change management.


Our team will fully manage your secure storage environment for you, including allocation, provisioning, monitoring, patching and maintenance.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We’ll provide reliable enterprise-level data backup, replication and regular DR testing to help ensure operational continuity of your production environment.

Customize Security

Our team of certified security engineers — thoroughly trained in all aspects of privacy and data protection — can work with you to create a custom solution to help address your business and compliance requirements.
They’ll employ logical and physical security controls and tools that meet or exceed industry best practices, including:

Anti-virus programs
Vulnerability scanning
File integrity monitoring
Intrusion detection and prevention measures
Gain some peace of mind knowing that security experts will monitor your mission-critical systems 24x7x365 and respond to security issues on your behalf.

Backup & Restore Data

Rest easier knowing your critical data is being backed up regularly and can be easily restored if needed.

We’ll take care of all aspects of backup administration, including 24x7x365 maintenance and support of your backup agent and synchronization with an alternate data center location.

OS Management

Give your team one less thing to worry about by offloading day-to-day management of the operating system to our experts. They’ll look after all aspects of the OS, including:

Licensing and installation
Configuration and optimization
Software patches and upgrades
24x7x365 maintenance and support

Monitor Performance

Gain insights into system performance with extensive monitoring and reporting, including:

Server summary graphs
Network bandwidth reports
Disk, CPU, and memory threshold monitoring

Network Management

Not everyone has the specialized expertise required to configure a secure network that also performs efficiently. We do. Let our network security engineers expertly manage your configuration, including:

Firewall administration
Managed client VPN services
IP address allocations and DNS
Software patches and upgrades

Struggling to manage your business-critical systems, while meeting the demands of day-to-day business?

Talk to a managed services expert now, or request a custom quote.