Cyber Threat Detection, Incident Monitoring, and Compliance in One Platform

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

What are the most valuable assets to your business? What if your information is already at high risk and you lose it? What would be the impact on your business, customers, and revenues? Could your organization afford to be down for just 1 day because of cybersecurity incident ? Even more concerning, what if your critical information is already compromised and you don’t know it.


Understand your network and identify and defend against threats from one platform

Gain a complete solution in one platform for monitoring the security health and hygiene of your IT environment, detecting cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and protecting endpoints and networks. Powerful monitoring and analytics provide real-time visibility across your network, helping you measure, manage, and reduce attackable points.

By understanding your network and continuously monitoring and identifying the security risks – a process we call Threat Surface Protection – we help you strengthen your defense. Through  advanced proprietary technologies and techniques, including threat intelligence, machine learning, and behavior analysis, data, threat information are integrated and analyzed across your operating systems, platforms, endpoints and networks. The result is a consolidated, end-to-end threat and vulnerability detection capability with actionable insights to secure your operations.

Priced affordably and available as a cloud or on-premise solution. Our Cyber Security integrates with all existing IT and security systems. Get up and running in minutes with easy-to-use solution and start building a more secure business.


Network Monitoring

Secure your network by identifying threats and potential vulnerabilities to your network traffic through sophisticated monitoring and detailed analysis.

Endpoint Monitoring

Protect network access by identifying threats on endpoints across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, IoT devices, and mobile services in your network. Our endpoint agents work alongside your antivirus solution to analyze potential threats, vulnerable software, failed software patches, configuration issues, and other security-related risks

Cloud Monitoring

Protect your company domain and cloud-based programs and applications, including Office 365, Google G Suite, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, and Box, by identifying suspicious login activity and other security-related events to your domain and cloud data.


Security Insights - AROs:
Receive high-quality, understandable alerts that include contexualized details with required actions, recommendations and observations to identify high priorities and minimize alerts without context.
Suspicious Email Analysis:
Forward any concerning emails or attachments to our analysis team for expert-level analysis of the email content and attachments and receive actionable steps to resolve.
Security Concierge:
Gain an expert resource, through our helpdesk team, for counsel and recommendations beyond technical support. Consider us for any security-related questions as well as advice on strategy or technology.


Prioritization is calculated nightly for over
109,000 distinct vulnerabilities
The model predicts if a vulnerability will be exploited within the
near future.
Each vulnerability receives a priority rating on
a scale from 0 to 10.
The result is a
97% reduction
in the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate remediation.


Threat Hunting
Gain deeper insight of new and emerging threats to your network and data each month.
DNS Firewall:
Ensure safe web browsing and Internet access by blocking connections to malicious websites.
Domain Monitoring:
Protect your company domain against phishing and other potential attacks by unknown users that create and register similar domains. Receive immediate alerts of suspicious domain activity.
Vulnerability Discovery:
Receive detailed reports and immediate alerts for threats, vulnerabilities, and other security-related risks to understand and improve your network's security health.


Mobile Protection:
Integrate Covalence with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) services, including Microsoft InTune and VMWare AirWatch, for end-to-end visibility.
Integration Functionality:
Access APIs, SDKs, and other functionality to integrate seamlessly with your existing applications and systems.