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Reduce cloud costs by 40%, get better support, security awareness, and deploy with skilled professionals.


Corporate cloud (also known as private cloud) is a term used for isolating cloud resources to a dedicated customer, without the worry of shared resources. At DNSnetworks, we believe you should get what you pay for, and for that reason, all our customers are provided with dedicated computing resources. This allows businesses to meet regulatory compliance requirements, while maintaining strict service level agreements with their cloud service providers.

Our corporate cloud solutions deliver the flexibility of leveraging the scalability of cloud resources, no upfront cost for hardware, while adding the benefits of business continuity, remote workplace security, and more. For federal and government departments, corporate cloud is a common business practice allowing them to scale up and down depending on project forecasting.


Greater Security

The flexibility of enforcing custom compliance with regulatory standards. Providing greater visibility into security and access control, because workloads are controlled by the customer.

Higher Performance

Cloud resource types can be specified at a granular level to meet the use case require to meet customer demand. Pay as you grow, when you grow.

Increased Flexibility

Run application in the cloud, wherever the business needs are met. Increase capacity on demand when necessary.

Resource Agility

Accelerate service delivery, meet targets and improve team productivity by leveraging fully customizable cloud resources.

The DNS private cloud spreads from Canada down to Mexico City. Leveraging both tier III and IV Data centers, and over 8x different internet transit providers, and access to 100gbps in network throughput. Our infrastructure is built on the Juniper and Aruba network stack with Juniper carrier grade service gateway, providing the highest level of uptime and service guarantee.


Your road to corporate cloud starts with a DNS cloud account. You can start by a few clicks away.