is an IT-managed services company specializing in cloud, IT hardware infrastructure, telecommunications, cybersecurity, and application development and most of all…innovation of new services and solutions for both private and government sectors.




We believe in progress – that all things technology; from applications, hardware, processes, and procedures can be brought together through a common intelligent platform to improve business, society, and the human condition. Which is why we as a team promote collective thinking and transparency, allowing us to continue innovating for the future and the continued success of our company.




DNSnetworks is a full-service technology partner that helps businesses attain greater success and profitability through the strategic alignment of business objectives and technology. Whether it be technical support, managed infrastructure, cloud, data center service, telecommunication, business application development, and or business intelligence reporting, our skilled support team is ready for its next challenge wherever that might be. Our value as a managed technology partner is our continued focus, dedication, and recognition of our customers and the service quality provided by our team.

DNSnetworks CEO Shawn Ebbs working hard on his computer in Ottawa



Founded by Shawn Ebbs while working as a systems analyst for Bell Canada on the Sun Microsystem storage systems and HP server blade chassis. The service industry needed change, and opportunities arose for a new challenge for Ebbs

Creation of Cloud Storage


In partnership with BoxFabrics, DNSnetworks built their first computing and storage offering which is known today as cloud storage First started and provided on Novellʼs ifdolder platform powered by eDirectory .

Datacenter Relocation to Ottawa


DNSnetworks decides to go solo and run operations all under the safe room . Network, storage, computing etc, all owned and managed with no dependencies on partners. This decision turns to be quite successful and allows the business to deliver services efficiently, and with quality

Disaster Recovery, is it really needed?


The cloud industry is getting hype, and so is the importance of uptime and the guarantee of 100% availability. DNSnetworks decides to open colocation space in Vancouver, BC, providing true disaster recovery for all its crucial cloud service platforms; email, storage, web, etc.

MSP, is it really that
cost effective?


Businesses around North America start adopting the “outsourced” managed technology service model to local IT firms, proving that this business model has many benefits, causing DNSnetworks and its small team to spike in customer onboarding.

1st Acquisition – OCS


DNSnetworks announces their first acquisition of a local IT firm in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa Computer Servicesʼ Kevin Conroy, becomes DNSnetworksʼ VP of Operations. In our first major acquisition, DNSnetworks doubled its annual revenue.



Covid-19 hits the globe causing businesses to reorganize supply chains and while DNSnetworks has been structured to not rely on suppliers for their crucial operations, there was no visible impact to their everyday operations. The DNSnetworks team continues its rise to success despite the economic downfall in the horizon.


DNSnetworks expands into the US market with cutting edge Service deployment Catalog platform.