A Letter from our

President and CEO

DNSnetworks exists because service quality in the IT industry has fallen under acceptable terms. DNSnetworks was built to change this stigma, and bring back what others have failed on delivering. Our purpose was to become a single managed service provider with broad IT skillsets, to rely on no outside vendors to deliver a service with exceeded expectations.

One of the biggest misconceptions about technical support is that it doesnʼt require much skill. At DNSnetworks we attract some of the most creative, innovative ninjas who are constantly challenged to think on their feet. Strategic thinking skills are one of our biggest assets and using our collective mindset, we are able to assess and execute on some of the most complex IT decisions.

As the company has evolved over the past years to become more strategic in how we deliver our services, our automation techniques, collaborative thinking and the use of data analytics, allow us to stay ahead of our competition. Today, we are thinking bigger than simply providing managed services but analyzing ways on how we can integrate applications and tools that donʼt natively talk to each other. Allowing those systems to work together in making our business more efficient, which allows us to focus on our bigger goals like moving into foreign markets, growing our brand, and most importantly, creating awareness amongst industry leaders on how businesses should look at improving their automation posture.

Progress and Our Results

As of this FY20 DNSnetworks Impact Report, I have been the founder and CEO of DNSnetworks and have grown the business from nothing to now over 20+ employees. I have performed 1 acquisition in 2018 and now looking to finalize a second one in 2020. We are continuously thriving for a 25% revenue increase year over year, and now under my direction have finally started building a sales team to increase our footprint across Canada.

The future of our company will be in our automation efforts around service delivery, application development, private cloud with advanced security intelligence and our dedicated cybersecurity division known as Geocypher. DNSnetworks is not only about achieving greatness in the IT services industry, but it’s also about the culture I have managed to maintain through its growth stages. I believe the culture has been a factor in the success of the company. As I tell every new employee through their onboarding process, we are here to elevate you, challenge you and expect you to challenge us. This culture is a place of transparency, where ideas, opinions and criticism should all be considered positively. We are here as a team to succeed together and we need everyone to be accountable for this success.


As for FY21, DNSnetworks is expecting to release a few new additions to our online presence, which will automate some functions in our service delivery and pro services teams. We will be launching our new website and our new brand imagery to the world, which will complement our current skilled service teams. Thank you to the government of Canada for providing us funding in a few of our innovative solutions in both our voice communication division and our application and DevOps teams. These grants helped us build an advantage over our competition that has proved to be beneficial in both revenue growth and has strengthened the culture within the organization.


Every process inside a business is being transformed, analyzed and digitized. This new business mindset requires constant changing, adapting and all due to customer demands and global competitive reach. Therefore, there is a clear disconnect between business skillset and customer demand. Our development team through my direction is currently building a new framework that will allow an organization from any industry to improve service delivery through automation of current business processes. This is also known as Business Process Automation. Our Arc Stack framework will be one of the pillars in the organization that will allow businesses to adapt to future demand as well as the environment or any business growth need.


I have spent the last 5 years focusing on personal development, building strength in areas I lacked, as well as strengthening the posture of the business through mentorship in both sales, business development, and marketing growth strategies. The benefits learned through these practices are that even CEOs donʼt have all the answers, and surrounding myself with experts, allows me to choose a weighted and more educated decision. As DNSnetworks continues to grow, it’s imperative for me to continue this development, and that all managing partners are following the same mindset. The mindset of a champion.

When I reflect on the past year, Iʼm proud of our progress – both in our own internal service delivery transformation and our focus on strategic business development avenues. As one of the largest MSP located in Ottawa, we have both a substantial opportunity and high responsibility to ensure that our skillset meets the ever-changing evolution of computing technology.

To serve the needs of our customers well into the future, we must continually transform while remaining steadfast to our timeless values and our culture.

We will continue to invest in the highest growth opportunities, innovate boldly and empower our people and organizations by providing the highest level of managed services in security, computing, voice and networking, now and well into the future.

Picture of Shawn Ebbs, CEO of DNSnetworks Technology Corporation

Shawn Ebbs

Chief Executive Officer
October 1st, 2020